Tasmin Little: Masterclass and Recital

Following Tasmin Little’s masterclass and recital at Harrow School in November as part of Ensemble Philharmonic, we asked some of the pupils who took part how they found working with one of today’s leading international violinists…

“It was an absolutely fantastic experience. I was extremely nervous, but she began the masterclass so calmly with a constant smile on her face,  which made the whole process so much easier for me.

I learnt a tremendous amount with Tasmin. After playing my piece for her, she jumped straight into it with much enthusiasm, giving helpful advice on the challenging parts of the piece.

Tasmin created such a friendly ambiance, openly discussing different approaches to several phrases and passages. She has opened up a new perspective to music for me, teaching me several special techniques and expressions, such as giving the right amount of tension in the bow or even how to add more flair and colour to challenging cadenzas.

All in all, the masterclass with Tasmin Little was such an enjoyable and amazing experience. It was definitely an unforgettable afternoon for me.”

Ryan Chung who performed ‘Serenade Melancholic’ by Tchaikovsky.


“She was extremely friendly and helpful throughout the entire masterclass which is why I enjoyed it so much. Even in the short forty minutes session, I felt Tasmin not only enhanced my overall technique, but also gave me the confidence to improvise and experiment with the instrument. I made note of every suggestion she made and have since recorded and listened back to myself. I can’t believe the difference she has made to my sound!

Tasmin was absolutely fantastic and gave such useful advice which I’ll be able to apply to my other pieces too. I so enjoyed her recital later that evening at Harrow School in which she played incredibly. I feel extraordinarily privileged to have been able to play in front of and with such a wonderful violinist.”

Marco Chau who performed the first movement from Lalo’s Spanish Symphony’