Nevis Ensemble – an orchestra reaching new heights

In July our Assistant Administrator, YeYe Xu took off her RPS hat to lead Nevis Ensemble, Scotland’s first and only street orchestra, on its landmark inaugural tour of over 70 performances.

On a rainy day at the foot of Britain’s highest mountain, 40 orchestral musicians alighted a bus and began to question their sanity. ‘Who wants a black bin liner for their instrument case?’ a cellist called out, who’d one tied round the waist of his own. Sealed in anoraks and walking books, we walked across the parking lot, slowly; sleepily. (Some of us had been up since 7am making sandwiches.) Ben Nevis took no notice of us under her silvery white blanket; born of mother Earth; an eternal monument luring in explorers from around the world.

Ben Nevis Cellos

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